High School Ball Hockey League - Growing the game, one school at a time.   The organizers of HSBHL are committed to Growing the Game of Ball Hockey.

Registration information for the 2020 season can be obtained by emailing HSBHL
[email protected]
Code Of Conduct

-  All players must wear full uniforms for all games
- All players must checkin to participate in games - school id is required - first two weeks school schedule is acceptable
-  Teams flip a coin to see if someone wears white jerseys
- You are allowed to grab ball and put to the ground directly
- Hand pass in d zone is good
- You can not flip ball from behind the net over the goal/goalie, it is a dead ball and comes out of the zone
- To start a team has to have 7 players 
- You can start with 6 runners - one player is designated goalie in out gear and can not come past the D Dots to play the ball and can not change on the fly
- If a player INTENTIONALLY shoots the ball out of the rink - with the intent to stop the game - it is a delay of game minor penalty

Lightning Policy for Meford and Marlton Hockey will be followed.  

All players are required to wear HECC Certified Helmet with FULL CAGE and mouth guards.

All players are required to play for the school they attend

All coaches are to be certified and approved

All players playing 50% of the regular season games are elligible for playoffs, players who 
are injured can notify the league to get game credit, however they still must attend the game 
and check in with the refs to receive credit.

Foul language will not be tolerated.  

Minimum number of players to start a game is 7.   

Win: 3 pts
Overtime Loss: 1 pt
Loss: 0 pts
Goal Differential: Up to 10 per game will be recorded in standings for tie-breaker rule  

2. Home Team designated by coin flip. Playoffs: The Higher Seeded Team is home and has choice of goal
defended and player’s bench. 

3. Game Time- Games will start on time - not early

4. Forfeits: There will be a 10-minute-foreit time. If a team receives a forfeit they will receive 3
points, and possibly up to a 6 goal differential, to be determined by the HSBH Board. The team
that forfeits will receive a fine of $200.The fine must be paid before the next game.
Periods/ Clock :

5. 3 periods of 15 minutes each with clock stopping. 1½ minutes intermission between periods.
Clock will run any time a goal differential of six (6) is reached. Any time during any game in
which there is a goal differential equal to ten (10) the game shall be declared over immediately.

6. Time Outs: 1 time-out per game allowed and 1 in each over-time period. There are NO BACK TO BACK time outs allowed. The team who calls the 2nd time out will be issued a delay of game  1 minute bench minor.

7. Tie Score: a SINGLE 5 minute sudden death overtime period will be played. In the event the
game is still tied a 3 person shootout will follow. If still tied a sudden death shootout will
continue.  After 3 players TJ OSHI STYLE. Home team decides who shoots first. 
• Playoffs: Sudden death 10-minute overtime periods will be played until there is a winner. Overtime 
• For the over-time period teams DO NOT switch sides  - Teams defend the side they defended in the 1st period of the game.  In playoffs - teams switch sides because there is NO SHOOTOUT.  

8. Playoff Positioning-Ties for positioning in the playoff rounds are broken as follows; Head to
Head, Wins, Goals against, Goals for, Coin Flip

9. Icing: Will be from behind the Defensive Blue Line.

10. Floating Blue Line/Offside • Going into the zone, when the ball crosses the blue line, the zone is gained extending back to the Red Line. Once the ball crosses the Red Line, the Offensive Team’s players must clear the defending team’s blue line and the ball enter past the blue line to be considered onside again.

11. Delayed Offside • Games will be played with a delayed off sides in effect. Play is whistled dead if there is a shot on goal, regardless if the player got back before the ball reached the goal.

12. Two line passes and lobs are permitted

13. Double hand up is a Minor Penalty - hand up and hand forward is NOT a penalty

14. HAND PASS IS ALLOWED in defensive zone. Defensive zone is blue line in.

15. HAND PASS TO THE NET An offensive player cannot hand the ball onto the goalie, crease or in the net. Doing so will result in a stoppage and ball comes out of the zone.

16. Referring • Each team will have Captains or Assistants—a referee must discuss a call with the Captain/Assistants when the Captain or Assistant asks. A Coach must use his Captains and Assistants for questioning calls.

17. Coaches-Only 3 per bench • Minor Penalty if challenged. All are required to be certified.

18. All calls by the referee will be final • All protests must be made before play is continued.

19. No “crease violations” will be called • Goals will count if an offensive player is in the crease
when a goal is scored unless the referee calls a penalty for interference with the goalkeeper.

20. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited - players or spectators

21. Equipment: Gloves must be Street Hockey, Ice Hockey, or Lacrosse gloves (padded). No garden, bike, baseball, football gloves. Helmets with cage or full face shield. HECC Certified (No Mylec). Shin pads are required - pads are allowed to be soccer style worn under the socks as long as knee pads are also worn to protect the knee. • Athletic support or pelvic protector. • Elbow pads are required. Mouth pieces are required. Sticks—No aluminum sticks will be permitted; Sticks must be Street Hockey or Composite, blades can be plastic or ABS, no all wood blade, butt end required (so that it can not go through Helmet cage. Butt-End. A Butt-End is required but it is not a Penalty, player must add end before returning to the game.

22. PENALTIES/INFRACTIONS per rule book.

23. Penalties: Minor: 2 Minute, Major: 5 Minutes, Misconduct: 10 Minutes.

24. All penalties result in the face-off taking place deep in the penalized team’s zone. • EXCEPT, if the non-offending team ICES the ball.

25. Exclusion from Game • 3 Minor Penalties or 1 Major or a Misconduct Penalty=exclusion from the remainder of that game. • Exclusions subject to review and discipline

26. High Stick: When the Stick Shaft or Blade is higher than the shoulder when making a play on the ball. You can NOT run down the rink with your blade above the shoulder If you hit an opponent, it is considered a High Stick Minor Penalty

27. Closed Hand/Delay of Game: You can NOT close your hand around the ball. Minor Penalty for delay of game. Ball must be knocked down. Hand pass rules are in effect and result in a stoppage (allowed by defense in defensive zone).

28. Equipment Challenges: One challenge per stoppage. (NOT ONE PER SIDE – whoever challenges first) No back to back challenges. The team who challenges 2nd or tries a back to back challenge during the SAME STOPPAGE will be issued a 1 minute delay of game penalty.

29. Fighting: See Code of Conduct -  All fights come with a HSBH Board review for further action. The above are MINIMUM penalties the HSBH reserves the right to impose additional actions for the safety and integrity of the game. 30. Intent to Injure / Match Penalty • Is an automatic (minimum) 3 game suspension & review by the HSBH Board. The above are MINIMUM penalties the HSBH reserves the right to impose additional actions for the safety and integrity of the game. 

31. Roster Limits: Min 15  and Max per individual roster is 24.  No add/drop of the rosters -  August 15th is the deadline for team registration. All players must attend the respective school, ID will be checked at games.

32. Coaches (Rutgers SAFETY Certified, Background Checked, Concussion Certification) must be approved and registered.

34. HSBHL Board and Each Host Rink committee reserves the right to exclude any individual as they deem necessary to protect the integrity and safety of the players, coaches, refs and spectators.

35. THE HSBHL BOARD RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REVIEW ANY SITUATION AND IMPOSE ANY SANCTIONS ON INDIVIDUALS, PLAYERS, PARENTS, COACHES, SPECTATORS or OTHERS that show a blatant disregard for safety, good sportsmanship or have a continued negative impact on the game, not defined above or specifically outlined in the code of conduct.

36. ALL RULES SUBJECT TO CHANGE BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS….We are reviewing and reserve the right to make changes.